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Emcan offers its clients comprehensive engineering and consulting services. Emcan competently manages all engineering works and specialist disciplines required for a project.

Engineering Consultations

Emcan draws on its 10+ years of experience to provide all the engineering and design services required for the implementation of projects in its business areas. Every project is unique and has requirements specific to the client, business, and country. Emcan’s regional presence and broad experience makes a detailed understanding of the services to be provided possible. Successful design and planning comes through a well prepared engineering and design process. Coordination of interdisciplinary interfaces is key, and Emcan uses interdisciplinary reviews to ensure top-quality engineering and design. Emcan also provides further services if needed such as acquiring all the necessary permits for a project.

4.0 Industrial Solutions

Industry 4.0 encompasses current trends in automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies which includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. These developments aim to help improve the competitiveness of existing sectors by lowering costs while also increasing productivity and safety. In addition, they are also providing the competitive edge needed to empower new sectors as well as establishing an environment supportive of the technologies built on Industry 4.0 platforms. Given the Kingdom’s ambitions, the development of its Industry 4.0 strategy is centered on increasing the competitive advantage of existing value chains as well as developing systems.

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